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Brown Gyal Diary offers a culturally responsive environment where Indo-Caribbean women and girls gather to foster community and prioritize their mental well-being.

Brown Gyal Diary Holiday Lime Christmas Market


Our vision is to create an inclusive sanctuary where Indo-Caribbean women and girls unite, fostering a vibrant community while nurturing their mental well-being in a culturally resonant space, internationally.

Our Impact

In the last 4 years, Brown Gyal Diary has:


Told over 81 authentic stories. We wanted to give women a space to use our platform as an open diary. Together we are safely sharing our stories and understanding one another.


Hosted more than 5 major events that helped Indo-Caribbean women explore their identity and feel connected to their culture


Grew our platform from 900 supporters to over 14,000 supporters worldwide. Telling us that there is a need for a safe space for Indo-Caribbean women, we are determined to create this.

Meet the Team

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