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BGD Girls Programs

By means of our initiatives for girls, Brown Gyal Diary is guaranteeing the establishment of a nurturing environment where our young women and girls are appreciated and acknowledged right from their earliest years. Our initiatives provide them with chances to expand their knowledge, voice their inquiries, and foster constructive connections with their community and self.


The Carnival Canvas

Summer 2024

The Carnival Canvas is a girls program happens once a week throughout the summer where you explore the various artforms within the carnival community. This program aims to help our younger community members get connected to their culture throughout the carnival season and find an area of connection geared to their interests beyond playing mas. 

Monthly Meet-Ups

September - May 

From September to June we cultivate a unique space for you to make new friends, explore different elements of your cultural identity, and have fun. We aim to make this program free every month with a cap of 15 participants each week. 


Leadership Committee

Ongoing all year long

Our Leadership Committee provides high school students with an opportunity to develop their skills in a professional yet enjoyable setting. Participants meet monthly to work on a culturally responsive community project of their choosing, which is then published and promoted. The goal is to foster ownership of their intelligence and build confidence in their ideas and planning.

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