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Addressing GBV in Trinidad: Letter Writing Information for International Residents & Citizens

If you are a foreign citizen currently residing in Trinidad and Tobago (TT), have dual citizenship, or feel strongly about the issue, and you want to write a letter to your homeland’s Embassy, Consulate or High Commission about the increased need for the TT government and other TT bodies to prioritize women’s safety especially for work, school or travel and to put proper measures in place to halt the current increase of violence against women, please see the list of Embassy office addresses, emails, phone numbers and names of Ambassadors or High Commissioners whom you will be writing to.

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Free One Hour Empowerment Training with Coach Shanita

FREE WORKSHOP: If you're ready to crush it this year, then you're invited to my newest training ACTIVATE YOUR INVINCIBLE WARRIOR. By the end of this power hour, you'll learn how to:


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ACT like an invincible warrior--unstoppable and unapologetic about following through on your mission


Furnishing Minds with Green DuputtaAs an emergency response for education during the COVID-19 pandemic, Green Dupatta offered free educational, curriculum-based, packages to over 100 children in the GTA. These packages helped to ensure that children's minds continued to be furnished during the 2020 school shutdown.

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