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Toronto's Indo-Caribbean Archive Project

An Intergenerational storytelling project highlighting the immigration stories of our elders to preserve our Indo-Caribbean history through a collection of archives.

The Brown Girl Diary is happy to announce that we are officially collecting stories for a research project we are conducting to highlight the stories of our parents and grandparents and journey to Canada. Through this we will be highlighting and sharing their journey to Toronto.


Without this experience, many of us would not be where we are today. By collecting these stories, we are providing the future generations with a preserved understanding of who they are and where they came from. As the diaspora grows, we can easily lose our heritage. But with this collection, we never have to worry.


Our hope is to get these stories into both Caribana based events as well as Historical Archive spaces in Toronto to have them stored forever. Please visit our website for filming tips, detailed descriptions, and the necessary forms to participate in the projects.


  1. Connect with and get permission from an elderly person in your family to tell their story

  2. Set up a date and time with them to record them

  3. Record a video or audio footage (unedited) of them speaking of their experience (the more detailed the better)

  4. Send it to BGD via google doc at with the subject *INDOCARIBSTORIES*: (nameofindividual)

  5. Please include their name (please include nicknames as well), age, city in which they currently reside, the country in which they migrated from, and the name of the town in which they lived in, in the body of the email

  6. Please include 3-5 images of the individual (both old and new)


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