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The World is changing for Indo-Caribbean Brides Everywhere and We are Here for It

When planning a wedding as an Indo-Caribbean woman, our only go-to is usually Instagram. We search every hashtag in the book to end up with the same results, over, and over, and over again. But aren’t you a bit tired of seeing the same makeup artists, photographers, tassa bands, and caterers? Very soon, Indo-Caribbean Bride Magazine will be changing the game for all of us.

Shivane Chandool, founder of the Indo-Caribbean Bride Magazine, is using her creative expertise to launch an official magazine highlighting Indo-Caribbean weddings, vendors, and brides.

We wanted to understand Shivane and her passion behind the brand. So we took the time to dive deep into the lifestyle and vision in order to grasp a greater scope around it all. After studying cultural dance for 17 years, Shivane grew up not identifying as an Indo-Caribbean. Like many of us, this is becoming more known that our community rarely identifies with the term. But without directly identifying, Shivane knew there was something different about her culture in comparison to the East Indian identity. Our music, food, and cultural practices – everything that makes up a wedding, were all different.

It wasn’t until 2019 that Shivane began exploring Indo-Caribbean identity on a much deeper level. She attended three weddings that year; one of which was her best friend’s wedding that she played a significant role in planning. With her creative directing skills and ability to pay close attention to detail, she nearly fell into the career of a wedding planner. It was at this point that she began identifying specifically as an Indo-Caribbean.

Indo-Caribbean Bridal Magazine was originally going to be named West Indian Bridal Magazine, but Shivane felt the title was too versatile and she needed to niche the identity of her brand.

“When I was working at my job last year, I was having a conversation with my Afro-Caribbean friend from Jamaica. Our conversations helped me understand that our cultures were similar but also very different. I realized that I wasn’t aware of all West-Indian wedding practices. So I came up with Indo-Caribbean Bridal Magazine.”

Shivane opened up to us about her doubts and challenges before starting Indo-Caribbean Bridal Magazine, as at 22, she was fearful that industry would not take her seriously.

Shivanes past throughout her teen years also contributed to her doubts. She spent many years struggling through bullying, depression and anxiety. She was outcasted and always felt like she was not good enough for the world around her. However, pushing through the fears she was able to overcome that roadblock and she did not allow it to derail her.

“I want to define who I am, and take that into my control, I have no control over what the world says. So I didn’t want my doubts to stop me from what I was passionate about.” She shared.

Being a developing community, the Indo-Caribbean business scene can be challenging. When searching for vendors Shivane had a hard time with a few companies that felt sceptical about the magazine, printing costs, and the credibility of the magazine. However, she continued to share her project with many business owners, and she knew people would trust her vision.

Shivane wants Indo-Caribbean Bride magazine to highlight the beauty of our brides and the culture. “I wanted the authenticity to be displayed publicly on an international scale” she explained. “We are innovators and I wanted to be able to highlight that and the amazing businesses we create.”

Over the next 5 years, Shivane and the Indo-Caribbean Bride Magazine plan to establish their platform internationally and bridge the gap of the Indo-Caribbean spread. Not only are they hoping to release the first edition of their magazine in the 4th quarter of this year, but they plan to both host and attend bridal expos, and give Indo-Caribbean’s the chance to “walk the red carpet” through their events. Indo-Caribbean Bride Magazine is curating a new way for young Indo-Caribbean to network, build their brands, and to build recognition of the work we do as a community for the Bridal Industry. Shivane is taking the growth of the Indo-Caribbean identity to a whole new level of luxury.

In closing, our Brown Girl Boss says “Acknowledge your fear, but do it anyways. Take that fear and use it as stones for your path”
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