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Preserving Culture Fundraising Campaign.

Join the Brown Gyal Diary for our first annual fundraiser, the Preserving Culture Campaign which focuses on developing start-up funding for our annual advocacy projects to help develop the Indo-Caribbean community and enhance cultural preservation. Brown Gyal Diary is also developing a sister organization, the International Indo-Caribbean Collective which will support all research projects. Funds raised this year will support the launch of our research, programs, and projects.

July 5th - August 3rd, 2021

Event Details:

Leh We Write Nuh with Tiara Chutkhan: Every Tuesday from July 6th - July 27th at 7 pm EST.


Reclaiming Indo-Caribbean Identity Talking Circle with Carla Beharry: July 15th at 8 pm EST.

Brown Gyal Chat with Natasha Ramsahai: July 20th at 11 am EST.

Reclaiming Indo-Caribbean Identity Healing Circle with Carla Beharry: July 22nd at 8 pm EST.

Applying to Grad School 101: Resumes, Personal Statements & Funding: July 27th at 7 pm EST.

Growing Up in the UK: An Inter-Generational Panel: July 29th (Time and Eventbrite Details coming soon)

Sweat and Fete with Stephanie Rambharos: August 3rd at 7:30 pm EST.


To support our fundraising efforts, we will be hosting various events to help you get a real and authentic vibe of what Brown Gyal Diary is bringing to the table. We are taking things to the next level. Take a look at our events below:


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