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I can tell you a million stories about who de worl’ wanted meh to be, and how meh subject to ‘fraid and too quiet. I was sure the world would not undastand meh destiny, an would not accept it. So ah stay quiet. buh meh roots in you now, and it does mek up yuh DNA. Doh fuhget me, doh hate meh for what I’ve endued. Luv meh for wat yuh learn. Do not subject.

Luv yuhself, nourish, and grow.  Claim yuh space, and be true to you. Stigmas doh exist no more. Remember wheh yuh come from, but take pride in weh yuh going. Change the narrative and make it yours. Yuh is the Nexx Genn Coolie Gyal. Reclaim it, embrace it and add slight peppah




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