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Coast to coast we are breaking barriers for Indo-Caribbean women who are underrepresented and underserved. We are providing a community of like-minded women who share the same cultural experiences.


Our mission is to provide an inclusive space for Indo-Caribbean to be able to interact and connect with one another through various forms including online networking spaces, events, programs, and workshops. 

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In one year, the Brown Gyal Diary has grown by over 600% in our digital community. We have had an immense amount of growth due to young women. We went from 900 followers to 11,000 followers.

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In one year Brown Gyal Diary has ....

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Told over 81 stories with 24,000 reads by
Indo-Caribbean women through our blog.

Collaborated with Toronto's #1 Morning Show
Breakfast Television host, Natasha Ramsahai and
landed our first live TV interview.

Created numerous viral posts that resonated with 
the entire Caribbean community.

(Swipe for some crazy analytics!)

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